Learning Styles


According to our reading materials, learning styles generally refers to the uniqueness of each learner. Every student learns best if their learning styles are being met and no learning style is better than the other. Learning styles are influenced by several factors like environment, learning experiences and the person’s prior knowledge and skills.
The following are the different types of learners: (http://www.learningstyles.org/PMPS.html)
1. Visual learner – refers to seeing visual depictions such as pictures and graphs – a visual learner;
2. Print learner – refers to seeing printed or written words – a print oriented learner;
3. Auditory learner – refers to listening – a hearing oriented learner;
4. Interactive learner – refers to verbalization – a conversationally oriented learner;
5. Haptic learner – refers to the sense of touch or grasp – a learner who likes to manipulate objects;
6. Kinesthetic learner – refers to whole body movement – a physically involved learner;
7. Olfactory learner – refers to sense of smell and taste – a learner with a strong associative sense of smell.


The result of my learning style test shows that I am an auditory learner which means that I learn best when I hear the lesson. I learn best when I listen to a teacher explain the lesson. When it comes to reading, I prefer to be alone and with bright light and no noise. These are the things that I like in online studies, I have a control of my environment like how bright the light would be, I can minimize/ eliminate noise and I can read alone. The difficulty that I am encountering is that I am an auditory learner. I learn best when a teacher presents/ explains the lesson. I enjoy watching webcast because it’s like in a classroom where the teacher is explaining the topic and I take notes. It’s maybe because I’m still in that mindset of traditional classroom set-up. Another difficulty that I struggle with is that I am a reflective learner. I have to process my mind first before I can give answers. Sometimes it takes me 2 days to finalize my answer and I am a person who answers a question in short sentences only. I find it difficult to elaborate my answers. So it takes me days to process and finalize my answers. It’s good though to elaborate answers because I have to think and write out my thoughts.
Since most of our materials in our Online Study are in printed form, I have to adjust and find ways on how I can learn more. One way would be discussing the topic with my classmate who is my co-teacher here in Thailand. We were having discussions last Wednesday about our topic and it help me recall the learning styles and I also realized that there are things yet that I haven’t read and are aware of. Since I am an auditory learner, hearing from her ideas about our topic would help. Asking clarifications also from her and from our teacher would also be helpful. I have also to improve my reading skills. On the discussion forum, Emma de Leon asked the question how can we improve our reading since most of the materials of our online study are in printed form. Suggestions from our classmate are to read a lot, connect it to what you already know so you’ll find it interesting and read without distraction. I will do the suggestions to improve my reading.



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