MOTIVATION – the process of instigating and sustaining directed behavior (Schunk 2012)
No person can directly motivate another because motivation comes from within a person. However, motivational theories can inform a person (e.g. the teacher) about effectively creating environments or situations that can influence other people’s behaviors (e.g. students) according to what is deemed desirable.

study fun

On my first semester at UPOU, I was motivated to learn. I was excited to study again after a long time. Since I am a BSC graduate and a teacher, I was motivated to learn more about Education. One of my goals also why I took PTC is for me to qualify to take the LET. These two goals: to learn (intrinsic motivator) and to be more qualified to be a teacher educationally and to take the LET (extrinsic motivator) motivated me to study.

bored internet

As we progress with our study, I was overwhelmed with the task/ activities that we needed to do. I have spent a lot of time especially during night time studying. It was tedious that there were times that I didn’t want to open my laptop to read and do the activities.

bored internet 2

On my 2nd semester (this semester), I seem to have lost my motivation to learn. The excitement was gone. I can’t put myself to study even though I have read about metacognition and self-regulation. Reading my classmates post and comments about motivations help me put myself to be on track and be motivated for a time only. I was inspired by their stories and was encouraged reading their posts. Another thing that has helped me was the podcast that I watched by Pastor Joel Osteen entitled “Keep your vision in front of you”. It was about having a vision, writing it and putting it in a place where you can see it everyday. So I did write a vision about my studies and placed it where I can easily see it everyday.Whenever I am lazy to do my online study, i think about my vision and it motivates me sometimes.

Reflecting from these, I think I got bored from reading and doing assignment. Hoping that I can motivate myself again and not just to get by my studies, doing reading and assignment just for the sake of accomplishing the requirement of the course.


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