Metacognition and Self-regulation

note taking

Metacognition – a student’s awareness of their level of understanding of a topic
Belieffs That Make You Stupid:
1. Learning is fast
2. Knowledge is Composed of isolated facts
3. Being good at a subject is a matter of inborn talent
4. I’m really good at multi-tasking

Things That Do Help Learning:
– minimize distractions, maximizing focus
– developing accurate metacognition
– deep, appropriate processing of critical concepts
– practicing retrieval and application

Cognitive Principles for Optimizing Learning
1. Elaboration – making meaningful association between concepts you’re studying and related concepts
2. Distinctiveness – clear contrast between the concept you’re studying in other concept
– differences among related concept
3. Personal – How can I relate this concept to my personal experience
4. Appropriate retrieval and application – practice recalling the information and using it in the way your teacher expects you to be able to do. Recall and review

Strategies for Achieving Deep Processing
1. Question Generation – questions that make you compare and contrast, analyze to make connections and to make implications
2. Create a concept map of the ideas you are studying – diagram of notes and links
3. Practice retrieving using the information in ways that your teacher expects you to do.

*Don’t be a student who…
Keeps studying the same way hoping to improve
Waits until the end of the sem to ask for help
Skip class to focus on other classes
Fails further behind waiting to find time to catch-up with others
Crams at the last minute
Doesn’t do assignments because they are small or late
Panics and gives up

Metacognition by Stephen Chew:

Self-regulation is the self-directive process by which learners transform their mental abilities into academic skills. It involves the selective use of specific processes that must be personally adapted to each learning task.


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