Portfolio – Behavioral Theories


Models and Mentors in My Life

My Models and Mentors List the most important role models and mentors in your life. Then describe what their positive modeling and mentoring have meant to your development.

Role Models and Mentors

Their Contributions

Pastor  Oscar Magallanes My boss who first trusted me and believed in me. I was not that self-confident when I started working. It was my first job so I have to learn what to do, so it’s all about learning about my job for the first months. I thank God for him because he believed that though I lack self-confidence at first, I would be able to do job and learn from it.  As an employee, I wanted to be trusted by my boss so I can effectively do my job. I was given 100% trust and was even promoted to be his personal secretary.  I protected that trust by working with my best and proving that I can be trusted which I was able to do.
Pastor Vio Muncada My mentor when it comes to work. If I have questions about good etiquettes in my work, I always go to him and he always has good advices. I learned a lot from him regarding work ethics.
Mrs. Daisy Demandante She was my teacher in TESOL.  She believes that we have our own styles in teaching. She respected our individuality and never judged us or put us down by commenting negatively. If there are things that need to be improved, she would say it in a nice way.
Pastor Joel Osteen He is one of the Pastors in US and I love listening to his sermons. Most of his preaching is about improving oneself by trusting God. I learned a lot from Him and he is one of the best preachers that I’ve known.
Mrs. Elaine Rojo She was our Chemist teacher in High School. She teaches us how to solve formulas and let us apply by giving us activities for us to find the solution of a problem. She writes the problem on the board and she let us find the answer. She never give us the answer, we should be the one finding it. She trusts us that we can find the solution which we usually do.

 The Type of Role Model I Want to Be for My Students. Describe which characteristics and behaviors you believe are the most important for you to model for your students.

As a kindergarten teacher, I believe that the following characteristics and behaviors are the most important for me to model to my students.

  1. Good manners and respect – greeting teachers and parents appropriately. The Thai people have specific greetings which they call “Wai”. Sometimes, we as foreigners tend to forget it. I would do the appropriate greetings so they would see and follow.


Example:   Wai – putting hands together and bowing as a form of greeting (good morning, good afternoon or goodbye)

2. Self-confidence in answering questions and self-confidence in performing. We usually do presentations in front of parents so they need to learn how to be confident in performing in front of many people.

3. Cleanliness and Orderliness – putting rubbish in the trashcan. Keeping toys and books  in designated places.

4. Obedience – Obeying rules inside the classroom.

Examples would be, playing only during playtime, eating during break time, stopping to sing when the national anthem is being played; putting shoes at designated places (outside the classroom). Here in Thailand, shoes are not allowed inside the classroom;

5. Diligence – setting extra time to teach slow students. If they are not able to learn the things that I’ve taught, I would set extra time to teach them. As they see that I set extra time to teach slow students, they would learn to be diligent in studying. Diligence from the teacher to teach resulting to diligence of the students to learn.

How I Will Incorporate Models and Mentors in My Classroom? Describe a systematic plan for bringing models and mentors into your students’ lives in one or more domain(s) you plan to teach, such as math, English, science, music, and so on.

mentoring kids

As a kindergarten teacher, I would bring models and mentors in my students’ lives through Music – using music to build confidence in my students. I would teach them action songs and let them perform one by one in front of their classmates. I have used this technique before and it’s fun to watch my students sing. At first they would hesitate to sing but when they see their classmates signing, they would be encouraged to sing. We cheer for students who are shy and eventually they would sing in front of their classmates. Some students sing the songs that I have taught them and some sing other songs that they have learned outside school like love songs.

Who Will Be My Education Mentor? What Would My Ideal Education Mentor Be Like? Do you have someone in mind who might serve as an education mentor when you become a teacher? If so, describe the person.

The teacher who might serve as an education mentor would be the teacher whom we call as “hyper’. She is hyper because she requires a lot of activities for her students. Although I am complaining sometimes of the activities that she is giving us, I know that beyond that, she just wants to know if we are learning or to assure that we will learn from these lessons. She is hyper in such a way that she gives us a lot of study materials which are well researched and are presented in a way that is very nice which suggests that she did a lot of research and she made  time to make the presentation of the materials as good as it is. She has a lot of students but can still find time to give feedbacks on the answers of the students.

What would your ideal education mentor be like?


My ideal education mentor would be:

  1. A teacher who cares that her/ his students are learning from her.
  2. A teacher who goes beyond the norms to research and give good materials for his/ her students.
  3. A teacher who gives encouraging words to students.
  4. A teacher who finds time to check if students are learning. Encourages and ask students the things that they did not understand from the lesson and guiding these students on how to better understand the lesson.
  5. A teacher who never stops learning. Updating himself/ herself with the newest teaching principles/ practices/ methods so that he/ she can teach new information to students.
  6. A teacher who motivates students to do their best in studying.



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