Social Cognitive Theory


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 In a distance learning environment, such as this course, what one particular behavior do you think is most important for learners to acquire? As a participant in this class, use social learning theories as basis to make recommendations on how students in distance learning can help other acquire this behavior.

In a distance learning environment, I think that self-regulation is most important for learners to acquire. Since that learning takes place online, where learning modules and task are uploaded by the teacher, and not presented by the teacher through lectures in a classroom,  DE students need to acquire self-regulation. “Self-Regulation” refers to the self-directive process through which learners transform their mental abilities into task related skills” (Zimmerman, 2001). It  is the process of continuously monitoring progress toward a goal, checking outcomes, and redirecting unsuccessful efforts (Berk, 2003).

Recommendations on how students in DE can help other acquire this behavior:

1.  Talking to people (family, friends, relatives) about self-regulation. Sharing ideas why self-regulation is important and how it helps  student to achieve good learning. Aside from sharing ideas, another would be helping them acquire self-regulation.


 Demonstration by modeling:

a)     Helping them or guiding them (family, friends/ relatives) to make their own learning goals. Giving examples of goals

b)     Helping and guiding them develop strategies to meet the goals

c)      Discuss to reflect on their academic performance.

d)     Motivate them in meeting their goals.

networking sites

 2. Using internet (social networking site or blogs) to share links and articles about self-regulation.  I have seen a website posted by my friend on social networking site – facebook, about setting goals which is related to self-regulation and it helped me to make my goals. So a DE student can influence others to acquire self-regulation by using the internet.



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