Direct Instruction/ Traditional approach vs. Constructivist approach



It involves coverage of the context and rote memorization on the part of the students more focus on innovative activities and knowledge acquisition
It did not involve students in creative thinking and participation in the creative part of activities Learners construct knowledge based on their personal experiences and hypotheses of the environment.
during teaching learning process, instruction remain unilateral which is and consider to be orthodox activity Learners, through social negotiation, continuously test their hypotheses and create new knowledge, correct previous knowledge, or confirm present knowledge.

teacher 2

Teachers during our school days before were using traditional approach of teaching. Teachers were the center of classroom learning and we depended on their lessons/ lectures for our learning. I was used to this system of learning that I had to adjust on constructivist approach of learning which we are doing now. Studying and learning about constructivism, makes me wonder what I could have learned more if this approach was used in our schools before. Maybe I would have developed more of my critical thinking and I would have developed confident in expressing my opinions.

We had a subject in college before that our teacher used traditional approach. She explained the lesson by lectures, using theories to explain it. I don’t have much understanding about it and so when she gave us problems to solve, I wasn’t able to give a correct answer, majority of us actually wasn’t able to get the correct answer. Only few got it. Maybe if she used constructivist approach, where we can discuss about it and ask questions about the things that we didn’t understand, then, maybe we could have understood it. I was able to understand the concept of our study in that subject when I was working already. It was at that time that I realized that it was not that difficult.

constructivist 2

As a teacher now, I would want to involve my students in their learning. Active involvements of students are important for them to learn well. In this approach, students would be able to discuss and share what they know. They would be able to ask questions and clarifications to the things that they were not able to understand. The result would be better understanding. Students will learn from each other by interaction. Exchanging ideas contribute to good learning.



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