A Fruitful Semester



The Theories about Learning that we studied helped me understand myself better as a learner. Reading about metacognition has helped me understand why I failed exams before even if I studied and read the study modules that we were required. I used shallow processing while reading those.

Being an auditory learner, I was having a difficult time reading the study module. I am an auditory learner and I learn best by listening. Reading suggestions from the discussion post on how to improve reading helped me how to improve my reading. I even enjoyed reading because our study materials are rich in information about learning. Reading will be one of the things that I will miss when this semester is over.

As a Kindergarten teacher, I was using behavioral theories in my teaching. I wasn’t aware though that it was called classical and operant conditioning. I wasn’t aware that there had been studies about it. Our further studies about operant conditioning suggest that punishments are discouraged to modify students’ behavior because it affects students negatively. This made me reflect on the things that I used before to discipline students. I do regret using those forms of punishments before because it affected my students negatively. Through observing other teacher on how they discipline and through the behavioral theories, I know that I would learn how to discipline students without using punishments.

Aside from the above, as a teacher, I’ve learned also that:

  1. I can teach kindergarten students how to self-regulate (which at first I thought that I cannot apply to kindergarten). We were actually doing some activities that teaches self-regulation to student. Again, i wasn’t aware that it is about self-regulation.
  2. There are 9 intelligences and we can develop this in the students by integrating different activities that involves 9 intelligences.
  3. I will always be aware of what I do because students learn from their teacher (social learning theory).- A reminder
  4. I can also use constructivist approach in kindergarten.

Time really flies so fast. Aside from reading, I will also be missing writing blogs. I have been reading blogs on the internet and it has always been my dream to write blogs. When the semester is over, one of my goals is to continue writing blogs. I am glad that I learned how to create folders in the blog site. Another folder will be added to my folder which is “Friendship” – the topic that I wanted to write about. Another goal is to learn more about how to design my blog page.

This semester is indeed a fruitful one.

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