Improving Reading


A discussion posted by Emma Ruth de Leon caught my attention because it is about How to improve reading skill. I was having difficulty reading the modules because I am an auditorial learner. i learn best when I hear the lessons thru lectures/ watching videos. Reading the answers encouraged me and motivated me to read and improve my reading skill. Here are some of the links and answers that they gave

From Jesus Araneta:

from Ma. Hazel Marcelo:

By Beng Umali

1. Skim through it first, get the main idea of what you are reading.

2.  Once you already have an idea what it’s about, reread to get details. Highlight important ideas, if you need to. If you’re reading print, write marks – question mark, circle, box, underline, strile-out (depending on what it means to you)

3. Lookup in the dictionary any new or unfamiliar word you encounter.

4. Try to summarize what you have read.

5.  If what you’re reading seems not to get into your head, try reading it aloud. Sometimes, we need to hear it to understand it.


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