Mnemonics on MI



It was fun answering and reading the Mnemonics on Multiple Intelligence initiated  were by Eric Fernandez. Here are are some of the answers that were given:

By Eric Rernandez

Because  – Bodily-kinesthetic Intelligence

I  – Interpersonal Intelligence

Intentionally  – Intrapersonal Intelligence

Learn  – Linguistic  Intelligence

Learning  – Logical-Mathematical Intelligence

More  –  Musical Intelligence

Now  –  Naturalistic Intelligence

Sustains  – Spatial Intelligence


By me:

I                             – Interpersonal

Love that                – Linguistic

My                         – Musical

Little                      – Logical-Mathematical

Sister and              – Spatial

are                      – Intrapersonal

Buying                  – Bodily-kinesthetic

New                      – Naturalistic

Earrings                – Existential

by Maria Aster Joy Garcia:

I Live Because I Love Money Network Services.

-New Learning Made Sam Impressed. Live By it!

-I Bought My New Shoes In Lucky Landmark.

By Beng Umali:

My Very Very Beautiful Mother Lives in Northern England

VIM-VIM-BEN, we all have that. (singing to the tune of Boom Boom Pow from Black Eyed Peas)

The V’s are for Verbal-Linguistic and Visual-Spatial






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