No More Teachers


As a response of Robenille Malit to Ryan Educado’s discussion post entitled No More Teachers, he posted the link of his e-journal.

He mentioned in his journal about a school called Subdury Valley School where there is no curriculum, no grades, no teachers (just adult supervisors) and they just leave the students be and learning would come naturally.

I was surprised to read that there’s a school with those kind of program. I don’t agree with their program. I still believe that students need teachers to guide them in their learning.



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4 responses to “No More Teachers

  1. Hi Nidz,

    Just wanted to point out that I’m a she. Hmmm… I really should change the picture, this is the second time in class that a person has referred to me as a he. Hahaha 🙂

    Anyway, regarding the school. I’m still quite fascinated by it but I do agree that they need more teachers. After the course, I have come to believe that teaching is providing guided opportunities to learn. Although students should still be at the center of learning, teachers are important as well.

    • Oh my, sorry about that.. he he he. You’re wearing a cap and you hair is short that’s why…
      True, teachers are important because they are there to guide students. Just like in our online studies, we can actually just read the study materials and research about it to learn, but we need the expertise of teachers like ma’am Malou to guide us so that we can learn more.

      • Nah, it’s fine. I’m used to getting my gender mixed up because of my name. No worries. 🙂

        Yes, indeed. Without the presence of the teacher to guide, it becomes more difficult for the students to learn.

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