Explore #1 in 2015

January 2, 2015

Road trip with my Friends

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January 1, 2015. We received an invitation through fb chat from our friend Mayzar for a road trip on January 2.We planned to go to the waterfalls that our friend Eric and family went to if we can find it. On the day of our trip, Butch, (husband of Mayzar) said that  the direction going to the waterfalls is confusing so they decided to bring us to Mon Cham. It is a grapes and strawberry farm. A place for campers because we saw tents everywhere. We did not expect that the weather was cold because Chiang Mai is hot already during the day. Good thing we brought sweaters and jackets. Good thing I brought my red scarf which I was planning to use as a towel if ever we will be going to a waterfalls.

Processed with Moldiv

Processed with Moldiv


After taking pictures, we decided to eat lunch in a restaurant within the area. We waited I think for almost an hour for the food that we ordered, roasted chicken cooked in a big pot. It’s worth the wait though because the chicken tasted good.


Next stop is a strawberry farm (again) that we passed by going up to Mon Cham. We expected it to be a wide strawberry farm because a lot of people are really going to this place. We found out that it is only a small farm. We wondered why a lot of tourists are visiting it. We wondered why it trended (a joke within our group).  Maybe like us, we do not know that it’s only a small farm.

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Next stop where I enjoyed most is the Maesa waterfalls. I brought extra clothes in case we will be going to a waterfalls. When we got to the falls and found an area for us to sit I had second thought of swimming because it is cold. I decided not to swim.

Processed with Moldiv

Processed with Moldiv

After some time, we went down to see the other part of the falls, the first waterfalls that we passed by.  It was there that I recognized the place. We’ve been there with my friends before. After taking pictures, I can’t resist the water so I swam even though it’s cold. I’m glad I did. I enjoyed swimming.

Processed with Moldiv


Praise God for this first trip for 2015. One of the dreams/ goals that i’ve written on my birthday (November 2014) was to explore. This is my second exploring after my birthday month.  The first one was when we had our mission trip to Phrao last December. Praying and hoping for more exploring this year. Thank you Lord.


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